Package Prices

Prices are structured to suit your personal requirements, such as, Courses, Class time, and individual or shared apartments.

 Options for VISUAL Art courses:                                                                                                                  
*Drawing, *Fashion Design, *Fresco painting, *Sculpture, *Printmaking *Traditional  and Contemporary Painting techniques.

You can choose to study  20 or 10 hours per week 
VISUAL ARTS, Class time: 20 hours per week
Monday-Friday, 3-7pm daily
Single apartment $9,890

Twin share           $7,890

VISUAL ARTS, Class time: 10 hours per week
Monday-Friday, 3-5pm daily
Single Apartment  $8,790

Twin share             $6,790


Class time: 4 hours per week
Twice a week in the afternoon

Single apartment    $7,890

Twin share              $5,890


Class time: 20 hours per week
Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm daily

Single apartment  $8,540

Twin share            $6,540


You may be required to buy the necessary materials for your particular art course.                                                                            NB: You will receive a student discount at a nearby art shop.

 If you chose to study the Italian language, you may be required to buy an exercise grammar book to assist you with your classes. Also, it might be helpful to have a laptop, iPad or smart – phone with you. For beginners, we recommend a basic understanding of Italian. For example, completion of a three or six-month Italian course in Australia would be highly beneficial.

IMG_1809LiveFlorenceTours Fresco painting at AD'A .jpgLiveFlorenceTours Painting classes at AD'A .jpgLiveFlorenceTours with Sonia and Monica at AD'A .jpgLiveFlorenceTours water colour classes .jpgLiveFlorenceTours Richard gratuation .jpgLiveflorencetours life drawing