But I don’t speak Italian!

Today, many Italians speak English so you will be fine. Also, your tour facilitators, as well as all of the teachers at both schools, speak both fluent Italian and English.  It is always a good idea to learn basic greetings and polite expressions in Italian.

How important is my health and fitness?

It’s important to be fit and healthy for the Annual Live Florence Art and Language Study Tour. We recommend you seek the advice of your GP two-three months prior to departure to discuss your trip in relation to your health and fitness levels. It’s a good idea to consider walking every day or building a fitness regime (gym, yoga, pilates, etc) for at least four to six weeks before departure to build up your fitness and prepare your body for a month of walking on the beautiful cobblestone streets of Florence!

Please consider the following:

  • personal health and travel insurance is essential.
  • It’s a long flight to Italy. You may experience jet lag combined with the tiring effects of the change of climate from winter in Australia to late summer / early autumn in Italy. When you arrive, expect the temperature to be between 27 and 35 degrees.  By the end of September, the weather becomes more variable with hot days and cooler sunny days (sometimes with rain) experienced.
  • Additionally, the cobblestone streets of Florence are uneven and slippery if it rains, so be mindful of where you place your feet, and walk at a comfortable pace even if you’re running late! Maintaining your balance is also important, and core fitness can help with this, along with choosing supportive, comfortable footwear.

What about safety?

Please exercise normal safety precautions when travelling.  Florence is like any city, so be aware of your possessions, especially bags, wallets, cameras, laptops and mobile phones.  Do your research, we recommend  Check out the Advice for Travellers section, and visit their dedicated Italy page for more in-depth information. Also a good idea to read the fine print of your travel insurance to be clear on what is and isn’t covered in your policy.

How do I find my way around Florence?

Florence is a compact, and mostly a friendly, safe city, however a map of Florence will come in handy. Rosetta and Tanino along with the helpful team at the Accademia d’Arte are happy to direct and assist you when necessary.

How will I know about my class schedule?

Florentine style Welcome Aperitif evening: You will be officially and warmly welcomed to Florence and the Accademia D’Arte by Patrizio Travagli and his team on Sunday, 3rd September at 7pm. All participants will receive an Accademia d’Arte information pack containing an introduction to the Accademia, your class schedule, your cooking class schedule (if applicable), and a map of Florence.

How do I communicate with tour facilitators and tour group members when I’m in Florence?

These days, most people have a smart phone. We request that you research which options best suit your needs in terms of personal mobile phone use while in Florence. To communicate with Rosetta and Tanino and with group members, you will use Whatsapp, so please download, install and familiarise yourself with this application before your departure date.

What about my itinerary and important contact numbers?

A detailed 29 day itinerary will be forwarded to you in July 2023 prior to our welcome meet and greet cocktail party on Tuesday 7 July. You will also receive important information about your arrival, and names and phone numbers of people that you will need to contact before and during your stay in Florence.

Tell me more about my everyday life in Florence?

Our experience has shown that you need to be independent enough to learn how to navigate your daily life in terms of getting to class from your apartment, discovering where the shops and markets are to buy your food, and explore, with confidence, the many piazzas, cafes, churches, art galleries and museums (and more). Florence has an abundance of hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover!

You also need to be self-sufficient enough to communicate and spend time with a new group of people. Living in Florence for a month offers you a wonderful opportunity to forge new and sometimes, lifelong friendships.  This process begins with a willingness to share ideas, stories and personal experiences, not to mention sharing good food, wine, coffee and gelato together.