Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:


The package prices for the 2023 Annual Live Florence Art and Language Study tour facilitated by Rosetta and Tanino Pavone does not include any air travel or transfers.

Cancellation Fees, Deposit, & Final Payment

  • You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of AUD $5,00  in two instalments.
  • The first non-refundable payment of AUD $2,500 per person is required at the time of your booking.
  • A second non-refundable payment of AUD $2,500 is required to secure enrolment for classes and your accommodation in Florence no later than C.O.B. Friday May 26, 2023
  • A full and final balance of payment must be paid in Euros at the current rate of exchange by September 6 in Florence. Please speak with Rosetta and Tanino to assist you with your final payment. 
  • Enrolment forms and Live Florence banking details for your deposit will be forwarded to you on request.


  • Live Florence tours does not accept liability for any accommodation.
  • Subject to availability, participants may request an accommodation upgrade. For more information, please speak with Rosetta.

Activity Refunds

The Annual Live Florence Art and Language Study tour is based on arrangements which do not allow for refunds on excursions, classes, accommodation or any other services not utilised once the tour has commenced.
Tanino and Rosetta Pavone act only as tour facilitators in Florence and do not accept any responsibility for personal injury, damage, loss, delay, change of schedule or any other event beyond their control. Furthermore, they will not accept any liability for any accommodation, travel arrangement or scheduled activity on the itinerary or any other incidental matter which was cancelled or varied due to causes beyond their control.

Tour cancellation

The 2023 Annual Live Florence Art and Language Study tour has been priced on the basis of a minimum of 10 people travelling. In the event that less than 10 people have booked before May 26, 2023, we reserve the right to cancel the tour, and give a full refund of any monies prepaid or offer arrangements to proceed with the tour at a modified cost.

Travel and health insurance

All travel and personal health insurance is compulsory to participate in the Annual Live Florence Art and Language Study tour.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport that meets the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of your passport not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any health requirements for your travel destination. It is also desirable to have a good level of fitness prior to departure so you are able to walk reasonable distances on cobblestone streets comfortably and safely.


We do not accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. We do not accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force or any other event which is beyond our control which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part.