Who Are We?

Making arrangements for you to participate in this unique Art and Language Study tour is fine artist and Iconographer, Rosetta Pavone who has studied at the Victorian College of Arts , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology , and the Accademia D’Arte in Florence (AD’A).

Rosetta is a  practicing artist with a passion for her birthplace, Italy.  The vibrant colours,
cultural traditions and complexities that are embedded in the rich Italian culture is the inspiration that underpins her art practice. Her fascination with the “hand made” is key to her artistic expression, which evolves with each visit to Italy.

Since 2008, together with her husband, Tanino, and in collaboration with the Accademia d’Arte (AD’A) and the Istituto Michelangelo (MA) in Florence, she has been facilitating annual study trips that incorporate a four-week, hands-on, interactive creative cultural experience.

Rosetta has for many years been practicing the traditions and techniques of Sacred Icon painting. She also has a contemporary art practice that incorporates the conceptual and material layering of painting with textiles, as well as collaborative social projects involving communities and the telling of stories through art.

Rosetta and Tanino Pavone both speak fluent Italian and English and have a great passion for sharing their love of Florence, Art, Language and their Italian culture.  They look forward to personally hosting you at the next annual Art and Language Study tour in Firenze.

Tanino and Rosetta