A  Get to Know Each Other Cocktail Party for our Florence and Sicily tour participants will be held on Tuesday, July 20 2021 7 pm – 9:00 pm

Hosted by Tanino and Rosetta in Melbourne (venue to be confirmed)
This will be the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow adventurers, talk and share important information about our trip to Florence, and to ask any questions you might have.

Please note:  A full detailed daily itinerary will be sent to each participant in July 2021

Important dates 2021

Date Place Time Event
Fri May 28 Australia Second non-refundable payment of AUD $2,300  to be made by C.O.B.
Tue Jul 20 Melbourne, Australia 7pm -9:00 pm Get to Know Each Other Cocktail Party
Sat September 4 Florence, Italy 7:30pm Welcome Dinner hosted by Rosetta and Tanino to celebrate the beginning of our Florence adventures
Sun September 5 Florence, Italy 7:00pm Welcome to the Accademia, hosted by Patrizio Travagli and his team at AD’A
Mon September 6 Florence, Italy 9:00am Commence classes at AD’A and Istituto Michelangelo
Wed September 29 Florence, Italy 7:30pm Farewell Dinner to celebrate our Florentine adventure
Fri October 1 Florence, Italy To be advised End of classes and presentation of certificates
Sat October 2 Florence, Italy Morning A free day to enjoy Florence, and perhaps last minuet shopping!
Sun October 3 Florence, Italy 10:00am End of our Florence adventures for 2021 – check out of your apartments.
Exclusive for 2021   Celebrating The Best of Sicily Tour 
Sun October 3 Leave Florence for Palermo in Sicily Welcome dinner hosted by Rosetta and Tanino to celebrate the beginning of  our 11 day Tour in Sicily
Thursday  October 14 Leave from Catania Sicily End of Sicily Tour


Contact us now for a 2021 Florence brochure and a full  11 day Sicily itinerary and more information