The Painting course aims to teach students the practical, technical and theoretical foundations needed in painting, particularly the use of colors, and canvas preparation. Beginners are encouraged to study and copy a painting by a Renaissance master. Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and create a work (or several works) from concept to final piece. The Painting course also offers students one-on-one time with practicing artists to build on their knowledge of acrylic, oil and or watercolour techniques.

Accademia d’Arte, Beginners-Advanced

This course introduces students to the study of egg-based tempera techniques according to the guidelines of The Book of the Art by Cennino Cennini. During the course, students learn how to copy a chosen artwork (spolvero) by a Renaissance master, prepare and apply egg-based colour tempura to that artwork, and finally (if applicable), students learn the handling and application of gold leaf (gilding).

Accademia d’Arte, Intermediate-Advanced

This course aims to develop a project from an idea or a personal thought. In this initial process, the teacher will assist the student. Once the project is selected, the proper way of developing it will be explored, considering the most appropriate forms of expression, materials and media.  In the case of doing an installation, a study will be developed through sketches. This course is not recommended for beginners, please register for this course if you have experience in drawing and painting.